How to Enjoy Playing Pai Gow Poker

Your guide on how to get the best from playing Pai Gow Poker. Teach yourself about the game before entering the casino. Read more.

Pai Gow poker is a game derived from the traditional Chinese Pai Gow. Unlike the Chinese version, Pai Gow poker has 52 decks instead of 32. It offers an incredible blend of skill, luck and entertainment. Since it is not a fast-paced game, (casino) ( 1001-olinecasino ) game players can enjoy it even in the early gaming stages.

1. How to play the game

Pai Gow is a bit different from other poker games in that players do not play against each other. Instead, the players aim at beating the banker. In most cases, the banker is the house dealer. However, a player can opt to lay and bet against other players. This is commonly called banking.

Pai Gow Poker hosts a maximum of six players. The objective here is to win over the banker by making two proper poker hands. Once players place a bet, they get seven cards each. These cards are split into a high and a low hand. The high hand has to beat the low hand to win.

2. Pai Gow Poker strategy

The basic strategy to use when playing Pai Gow Poker is quite straightforward. First, for the low hand, you are allowed to make pairs only . However, the pair you set up has to be beaten by the high hand. Otherwise you’ll foul and have your hand reset automatically or lose it by forfeit.

Secondly, keep the joker in mind. A joker is only used when completing either a straight or a flush. If this is not applicable, you can use it as an ace. Remember Pai Gow Poker has a unique nature in that once you set your hand, you can only wait and see as things play out.

3. Tips to win in Pai Gow Poker

Since Pai Gow Poker is a game of both skill and chance, there are strategy tips that can increase your winning chances. First, if you are only dealt a single pair, you need to put it in your high hand, then take your next highest cards (three) and then place them as your low hand.

  • 7-card Straight Flush without a joker pays 8000:1
  • 7-card Straight Flush with a joker pays 1000:1

Secondly, when dealt a hand with flush or straight with two pairs, it’s wise to separate them and split the pairs in between your low and high hands. And if you are dealt a full house, you have better chance to raise your odds. To do so, you need to break up the house.

4. Pai Gow Poker Variants

Poker games are well-known for evolving into several different variants. Pai Gow Poker is no exception. The variants in this game give better opportunities to place side bets. For instance, there is Fortune Pai Gow that allows players to place side bets that they will better or make trips in their high hand.

Other variants are Pai Gow Mania that allows placing two side bets, Emperor’s Challenge that gives players a side bet when they make a no hand. This means that you can never make a better or a straight with all your seven cards. There is also Progressive variants where the main objective is to win a big jackpot.

5. Setting your hand in Pai Gow Poker

If by any chance you are unable to set your hand or you are uncomfortable doing it, the dealer might offer some assistance. In most table games, dealers are allowed to lend a hand setting your hand. Once you set all your hands, the dealer will reveal the cards, arranged according to the house way.

In conclusion, it may take time to learn the basics of Pai Gow Poker. However, once you understand how it is played, it will unlock a lot of fun in your gaming experience. It doesn’t need a lot of strategic planning but is also exciting enough to offer the engagement and entertainment necessary for a casino game.

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